Who am I?

I am a very determined, hard-working, multi-background enthusiast serving small businesses and individuals and evolving with changing times. My almost polar-opposite and multifaceted background would take great length to ennumerate and explain. From growing up literally in the middle of nowhere (several of those location types) to graduating from a top-tier nursing program, then back to the country, raising a family, farming and small-town employment (self-included), and now landing in the second largest metropolitan area in the US, all I can say is consistent is my resilience, strength, dedication, and determination in independent goal-oriented hard work and self-education.

To keep pace and be simultaneously competitive in Miles City, MT, CNA training/exam prep classes, assisted living and family farming required a web presence and various online applications for: class teaching, data collection and manipulation, record-keeping, communication, sales, and advertising, etc... I maintained my own websites for these businesses, and I have used several website building applications. I even used a now out-dated web software program to design patterns for use with my own farm-raised, hand-spun wool yarns, and I hope to build another such application in the future.

Though my interest in programming goes all the way back to a 1980 highshool computer science class, it is now that I have the time as well as desire enough to sit still in front of a computer. I am making web-devopment a primary ambition, while still being available to CNA certification candidates and hopefully finding time to revive sales of Viking Sheep Art hand-made items. For a short time, I am offering free and/or reduced-price services along with redeveloping my own online presence.